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Cyber Psychology

- Graduate Certificate

Explore the captivating realm of Cyberpsychology - delve into online identity, relationships, gaming, and AI's impact. Unveil the ethical challenges and future prospects in this evolving field.

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Semester - I


Introduction to Psychology

1. Motivation, Perception
2. Cognitive development
3. Personality & emotion
4. Individual Difference & Biological basis of behavior
5. Methodology in psychological research


Foundations of Cyberpsychology

  1. Online Identity and relationships

  2. Personality types in Cyber Space

  3. Transference to computers & addiction to computers & Internet

  4. Regressive behavior in cyberspace & online gender-switching

  5. Behavioral and psychological sciences on individuals and groups


Computers, Society & Ethics

  1. Evolution of Computers

  2. Implications in home, business, government, medicine & education

  3. Automation

  4. Privacy & Legal

  5. Ethical Issues

Semester - II

Image by Timothy Hales Bennett

Social Network


  1. Grabbing information from social networking systems (like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

  2. Hidden information and interconnections

  3. Qualitative Research Methods in the Social & Behavioral Sciences

  4. AI & the Human Mind

  5. Sociocultural Factors

Video Game

Understanding Cyber Criminality through psychology

  1. Child Pornography/Pornography

  2. Human Tendency of Using Devices

  3. Online gaming – effects on children and adults

  4. Darknet presence

  5. Digital Footprint

Holding Phones

Discovering User needs for User Experience

  1. Understanding how people use products and services

  2. Ethnography & focus groups

  3. Interviewing & analyzing qualitative data

  4. Seminar / Case Study-1

  5. Activity-1

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