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30 Day Az 104 Training

-Microsoft Azure Administrator

Unlock the Power of Azure with AZ-104 and become a certified Azure Administrator and Take Your Career to New Heights!

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 Day 1: Introduction to Azure and Cloud Computing

  • Introduction to cloud computing concepts

  • Benefits of cloud computing

  • Understanding different cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

  • Exploring Azure as a cloud computing platform

  • Azure subscriptions and management groups

Day 2: Azure Resource Manager and Azure Portal

  • Overview of Azure services and offerings

  • Understanding Azure Resource Manager and its benefits

  • Navigating the Azure portal

  • Azure subscriptions and management groups - Hierarchy

  • Working with Azure Resource Groups

  • Creating and managing Azure resources using the portal

Day 3: Virtual Machines

  • Deploying and managing virtual machines in Azure

  • Virtual machine scale sets and availability sets

  • Virtual machine types 

  • Spot instances, on demand and reserved instances

Day 4: Azure Networking

  • Azure virtual networks and subnets

  • Network security groups and Azure Firewall – The differences

  • Azure Load Balancer and Application Gateway -  Overview

  • VPN and ExpressRoute connectivity options - Overview

Day 5-8 : Lab Activity

  • Azure Firewall

  • Azure Load balancer

  • Azure App gateway

  • Azure VPN

Day 9 - Azure Storage account 

  • BLOBS, Tables, Files and Queues

  • Shared access signatures.

  • Azure storage Manager 

  • Securing Azure Storage account 

  • Azure Storage replication options & BCDR

Day 10: Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM) -  Entra part 1

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) basics

  • Managing users, groups, and roles in AAD

  • Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Domain Services

  • Implementing Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Conditional Access

  • Sign in logs and activity logs

Day 11: Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM) -  Entra part 2

  • SAML, OpenID Connect and Oauth

  • Onboarding SAAS based applications 

  • App registrations 

  • Enterprise applications 

  • Role assignment and custom roles

Day 12: Azure Resource Management and Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI

  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates

  • Azure Automation and PowerShell scripting

Day 13: Azure Databases

  • Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL

Day 14: Azure backup and BCDR

  • Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

Day 15: Azure Architecture and Design

  • Azure regions, availability zones, and data centers

  • Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Front Door

  • Designing for scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery

  • Azure best practices and design patterns

  • Azure pricing and cost management

  • Well Architected Framework

  • Azure Advisor

Day 16-19: Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance

  • Overview of Azure Security Center and Azure Defender

  • Azure Compliance

  • Azure Security solutions

  • Monitoring and maintaining Azure Defender

Day 20-25: Azure Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Overview of Azure Governance

  • Azure Policy and Initiative

  • Azure Resource Manager Templates

  • Azure Blueprints

Day 26-29: Azure Operations and Service Management

  • Overview of Azure Service Management

  • Azure Service Health and Service Health Alerts

  • Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics

  • Azure Automation and Resource Management

Day 30: Final Exam and Certification

  • Review key concepts and take the AZ-104 certification exam

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